Nina Johnson Photography

Reed 5k Fun(d) Run

Click on an image and use arrow keys to navigate through the page. Right click to download low res or, if you need high res files or help for any reason, make your selections and email the info to Nina by clicking the "mail" icon in status bar (top right of screen).

Additional editing and retouching done upon request. Contact Nina with any questions, concerns, special requests, or if there is a specific image you are looking for, but can't find.

In the image grid:

  • Unselected Image
  • Selected Image; tick images you'd like to select
  • Leave feedback on an image

In the status bar:

  • Displays the number of images selected; hides unselected images.
  • Refine selects; dims the unselected images.
  • Cancel filter; click to display all images, selected and unselected.
  • Send selections and feedback to the photographer.
  • Logout.

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